Caja de Burgos is a foundation entity working to promote social and economical development mainly in the province of Burgos.


To be a stable entity, with a long-term vision and to act as a reference in terms of boosting activities linked to its objectives. To reinforce its general contribution to social and economic development in its area of influence, which is mainly the province of Burgos. To be known by its users as a quality, effective and efficient entity as well as an innovative institution in its procedures and scopes. To be perceived by society as an excellent, independent and socially responsible foundation. To commit its professionals to the challenge of the future and to a quality job.


The Foundation will work according to a system of values which is defined in the Strategy Plan.

  • Carrying out excellence and quality

The Caja de Burgos Foundation is guided by increasing standards of exactitude in all its processes and services, in order to understand the current necessities of the society for which it works, satisfy its expectations and, more generally, create values based on a continuous process of improvement.

  • Commitment of and with people

The foundation aims to be a real source of wealth that can be shared by the whole of society. In order to do so, it gives special attention to the build up of equitable and long-lasting relationships, based on trust, participation and the integration of all individuals.

  • Sustainability

It commits itself to maintain economic sustainability that benefits everyone and contributes to the achievement of their objectives. The Caja de Burgos Foundation understands sustainability as an inherent criterion for its activities and a professional way of working that guarantees present and future success.

  • Innovation

It will apply its professional knowledge to the implementation of new tools, resources and ideas, that better satisfy the needs of the users and that, generally speaking, create value for society by means of a process of change.

  • Independence in management

The Caja de Burgos Foundation guarantees full independence on the part of its governing bodies in terms of resource management and policies, as the benchmark of the support it receives from society.

  • Collaboration on the achievement of objectives

It accepts and is thankful for the collaboration of those who will to contribute to the maintenance of Caja de Burgos as a quality, effective and efficient institution, and it commits itself to assisting with all the suggestions and requirements so as to continue improving its services.

  • Transparency in actions, trust and credibility

It supports transparency as a distinguishing value to achieve a trusting atmosphere in which to promote active participation and cooperation so as to create relationships of interdependence with every social agent. For Caja de Burgos this is the natural formula to keep projecting its credible face to users.

  • Communication

The Caja de Burgos Foundation believes in communication within a trusting and ethical commitment, as a reliable link to share its reality with users and society in general, and to improve the utility of its products and services.




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