Caja de Burgos has adapted itself vertiginously to both current times and to the future. From its inception as a savings bank which operated in the financial market and carried out Charity and Cultural work, we have moved on to become a Foundation which is focused on social and economic development, mainly in the province of Burgos.

Thus, today, we are ushering in a new era, yet we will maintain the features that have always characterised our identity: we are an autonomous and independent institution, with an absolute social vocation, whose work is guided by total thoroughness concerning quality and efficiency. However, the transformation we have undergone, together with various changes in society, made the process of reflection on our present, as well and our future, an unavoidable step.

The new Caja de Ahorros Strategic Plan gathers together the conclusions from that reflection, and provides us with the scheme for our work over the following three years. We are determined to create our own long-term project. One which presents us as a stable entity, strengthened by a commitment to all its workers, one that cultivates values such as innovation, commitment, independence and transparency. One that shows itself determined to develop new formulae in order to bring itself even closer to society.

We aim to offer social services and assistance that will constitute a solid reference point in terms of quality, and our wish is to strive towards improvement of the welfare and quality of life of our society. We seek to consolidate our commitment to the preservation of our artistic and cultural heritage in all its possible expressions, as well as to renew our engagement with the environment, and to use criteria for sustainability. We will also strengthen our support for the education system and we will support youth training in the fields of research and sports. We are also purposefully creating new tools that may boost the undertaking and growth of new enterprises.

We want to go on feeling proud of an Entity which has always based its excellence on the commitment and professional and ethical values of every single person who is part of it.

And this is the objective with which we will progress, because society is our project.


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